Under the alias "bunq", Stéphane Bissières develops a live analog industrial techno setup on modular synthesizer. A performance created in the moment without any sample or pre-recorded sequence for an electricity directly transformed into sounds, in direct relation to the gesture and the public. This minimalist project explores the repetition of patterns to influence the perception of time. From trance to abstraction, it is a cybernetic journey around sound space, perception of time, and atonality.



Raphaël Sibertin-Blanc : klâsik kemençe

Stéphane Bissières : modular synthesizers

Confluent is an electronic and instrumental musical performance created in duet. The viola, the violin or the kemençe mix with the modular synthesizers in the moment and in direct relation with the gesture. The two artists imagine the musical landscapes of dreamlike worlds for which they draw the acoustic identity through each piece. The durations are long, voluntarily, time stretches and allows us to ask and listen. Immersion in a sound world that leaves the listener's mind free to explore and wander. The contrast between stringed and electronic instruments allows a rich palette of timbres and dynamics, a sound resource that Raphaël and Stéphane try to extract through nuance and micro-variation. It symbolizes man's relationship to technology, from confrontation to hybridization. Both artists seize it to develop a contemporary aesthetic, reflecting different times of physiological and technological evolution.



minimalist music

Raphaël Sibertin-Blanc : klâsik kemençe

Stéphane Bissières : piano, electronic, video

At the crossroads of digital arts and improvised music, Chronométries is a musical piece where radical expression meet an immersive scenography. The duo develops a melodic approach of improvisation influenced by minimalist music composers. The piece is about new forms of writing music and inversion of the usual relationships between man and machine. The musician use algorithms to develop a codified improvisation while the machine is generative, autonomous and unpredictable. The electronic sound process generates a large amount of real-time data that, made visible by a video synthesizer to picture the machine in its smallest variations and developments.