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Under the alias "bunq", Stéphane Bissières develops a live analog industrial techno setup on modular synthesizer. A performance created in the moment without any sample or pre-recorded sequence for an electricity directly transformed into sounds, in direct relation to the gesture and the public. This minimalist project explores the repetition of patterns to influence the perception of time. From trance to abstraction, it is a cybernetic journey around sound space, perception of time, and atonality.

18 juin 2019 modulaire, work15.jpg


Concerts (selection) : Solidays (Paris), Cité des Sciences (Paris), Trocadéro (Paris), Petit Palais (Paris), Nouveau Casino (Paris), Festival de Cannes, Synthèse (Bourges), Post Transition (Le Mans), Vision’R (Paris - Lille), Vidéoformes (Clermont Ferrand), Nancy Jazz, Electrochoc (Lyon), Datacenter (Paris), Le Tétris (Le Havre), Recycl’Art (Brussels, BE), Nuit Blanche (Brussels, BE), Moscow Arts center (Moscow - RU), Plug (Sheffield - UK), Amber (San Francisco - USA), The Grand (Oakland - USA), Modern (Vancouver - CA), etc.

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