music : Stéphane Bissières

video : Etienne Bernardot

Techno - Live A/V

bunq & eb is a duo founded in 2013 by Stéphane Bissières and Etienne Bernardot to perform performances and installations of digital and hybrid art. TEMPS REELS is a Techno / Experimental performance in which the audience is a spectator of each stage of sound and visual electronic creation. Manipulation is an integral part of the representation.

The system is designed to be in constant interaction with its operators. According to the place and the public, the duo bunq & e-b modulates its proposal: from the experimental "industrial" to a Techno ample and electric. The minimal percussion hypnotizes and evolves organically towards an industrial structure by generating radical geometric constructions projected on a transparent basin. Filmed and reprojected, they play with perspectives and materials, questioning the representation of the real through the perception of the image, the sound sensation and time.

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