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Performance A/V

Etienne Bernardot : vidéo creation

Stéphane Bissières : sound creation

TEMPS REELS is a Techno / Experimental performance in which the audience is a spectator of each stage of sound and visual electronic creation. Manipulation is an integral part of the representation.The system is designed to be in constant interaction with its operators. According to the place and the public, the duo bunq & e-b modulates its proposal: from the experimental "industrial" to a Techno ample and electric. The minimal percussion hypnotizes and evolves organically towards an industrial structure by generating radical geometric constructions projected on a transparent basin. Filmed and reprojected, they play with perspectives and materials, questioning the representation of the real through the perception of the image, the sound sensation and time.


Performance: dance, electronics, video

Maflohé Passedouet : choreographer

Mamoru Sakata & Maiko Hasegawa : dance

Etienne Bernardot : vidéo creation

Stéphane Bissières : sound creation

Suru is an immersive journey where dance, music and video are in total interaction thanks to the immersive real time scenography.


Their intimate association observes the relationship between human beings, attachment, physical proximity, the rupture and the energy of motion.

minimalist music

Raphaël Sibertin-Blanc : klâsik kemençe

Stéphane Bissières : piano, electronic, video

At the crossroads of digital arts and improvised music, Chronométries is a musical piece where radical expression meet an immersive scenography. The duo develops a melodic approach of improvisation influenced by minimalist music composers. The piece is about new forms of writing music and inversion of the usual relationships between man and machine. The musician use algorithms to develop a codified improvisation while the machine is generative, autonomous and unpredictable. The electronic sound process generates a large amount of real-time data that, made visible by a video synthesizer to picture the machine in its smallest variations and developments.

Performance: minimalist music & dance

Stéphane Bissières, Joo Young Lee, Maflohé Passedouet

performance for piano, electronics and dance around the theme of perception of time. A sensitive improvised soundscape inspired by the aesthetics of American minimalist composers of the sixties.


The electronic system developed here is partially "generative", independent and self evolving in its musical construction, but it is also developed in a way to give the possibility of total control by the musician as part of the performance. Built around a granular synthesis engine, the device cuts the acoustics in micro fragments to deconstruct it and re-assemble in real time in a different, unexpected form. This resynthesised sound extends the acoustics of the percussion hammers on the strings and alters the perception of the piano’s space.

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