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Generative A/V installation&performance


Flowers is a research about generative art and artificial life. Like a dynamic system built around a kind of artificial genetic code, able to generate self evolving endless variations of unpredictable events, but all with a recognizable common character.

As a composer the idea here is to design elements and functions to define that character instead of choosing harmony, rhythm and notes. Then choose the level of interactivity of the system, should it be totally autonomous, or controlled via input. Each audio data generate visual event creating forms morphing between geometric shapes and chaotic digital graphics.


The result is a piece starting from very few elements with no rhythmics and as we go it densifies and the patterns emerges, the rhythm and musicality are stronger, while being very organic and unpredictable. 

Sound is produced on hardware equipment for self generating musical patterns.

Realtime video synthesis is built with Quartz Composer.

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