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minimalist performance for dance, piano and electronics

Ivoire is a minimalist piece at the crossroads of dance, digital arts and improvised music. Stéphane Bissières creates here a partially "generative" electronic music, elaborated to give also the possibility of a total control by the musician as part of the performance. Granular synthesis breaks acoustic sound into micro elements, fragment and reconstructs it in real time in a different form. The sound of the hammers on the strings is prolonged and modifies the perception of the sound space. The time expands and causes a feeling of suspension, meditative.

The choreography interacts with the music while playing with the space, lights and mirrors of the installation that multiplies the presences, playground appearances and disappearances, immobility or energy.

Artistic team :

Stéphane Bissières (music) is a composer and digital artist. His work focuses on our relationship to technology and the forms of hybridization with the machine in the creative process.

Maflohé Passedouet (staging) is a visual artist, scenographer, founder and artistic director of the Mobilis-Immobilis Company. Her choreographic research revolves around questioning the interfaces between the body and digital technologies.

Joo Young Lee (dance) is a contemporary dancer and choreographer, trained at Seoul's Hanyang University. In 2012, she created her dance company 'L.vaCDC' and directed several shows in Korea. Since 2016, she collaborates with French artists such as the collective Horde, the collective TAAC, the visual artist Yohan Han ...

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