kinetic digital art installation&performance

This project explores the idea of ​​animating matter through virtual data. It is a reflection on the forms of hybridization between mechanical and living. It is also an experiment on nanofluids, electromagnetism and kinetic art.


The installation seeks to develop an illusion of artificial life, to provoke wonder and questioning in the observer, to give him the feeling of being a witness.

digital art, 2016

Camera, computer, video projector

Human likes is an audiovisual interactive and performative dispositive using Augmented Reality to create link between strangers. The interaction is based on a face detection device used to design a visible interface between different observers.

Beyond the playful side, it is about the ambiguity of a video surveillance society which one can hardly escape, with data extraction everywhere. It is about computer vision and how we are seen by the machine. Simply observe to enter the network and be interconnected in realtime to other observers.

Sound art installation, 2016

Hard drives, arduino

"Hard Drives Music" is a serie of sound art installations (Dataline, Clapping Drives, Coil Song) composed of the assembly of several hard disk modules controlled via Arduino. Each hard disk is an acoustic sound source, making a synthesizer that algorithmically produces generative melodic patterns.

In the field of digital, virtual and abstract arts, these obsolete things are like vestiges of a changing entity. They tell us about our identity and our evolution. The"mechanical" hard disks are dismantled here, deprived of their memory tray to leave only the mechanical part visible. A new life is breathed into them with micro systems in order to generate musical patterns, in a form of industrial poetry reflecting our relationship to obsolescence and technology.

kinetic digital art installation

// Prototype //

Generative kinetic installation using moving lasers to create geometric patterns.

"Music for the night": Composing music is arranging and shaping sound waves. The installation transposes this act into the visible domain, the light wave replacing here the sound wave in a slow movement, the caustics (reflections) providing a "timbre" to the light.
Immersed in the night climate like the classical musical form of the same name, the nine evolving forms evoke a combination decryption related to the nature of our reality, considering time, space and matter as data.

Generative A/V installation, 2015

Flowers is a an autonomous audiovisual piece about artificial life. It is a dynamic system able to generate self evolving endless variations of unpredictable events, but all with a recognizable common character. 


The result is a piece starting from very few elements with no rhythmics and as we go it densifies and the patterns emerges, the rhythm and musicality are stronger, while being very organic and unpredictable. 

Interactive installation, 2015

video design : E.Bernardot

sound design : S.Bissières

Man-machine interface in which the public is invited to immerse his hands inside the hemisphere to generate images and sounds through the use of sensors.


The sound is generated at fingertips and images are created in the cauldron, inside of hands, like a hologram, an illusion. The computer has a kind of free will, allowing him to enter in a form of dialogue with the interactor. More than a way to control, this interface allows a real exchange between man and machine. Hemisphere is an organic immersive experience.